Kittens for sale ! Longhair and Shorthair Scottiish Fold & Scottish Straight Kittens !


Breeding program Marmorensy Cattery

for 2021.

Marmorensy`s Romero Factory

Marmorensy`s Yesselina de Bono

roma_mini.jpg yesika_mini.jpg
Red spotted tabby/white (SFL d 2403) Blue classic torbie (SCL g 22)


Marmorensy`s Chacco-Taco Ce Capricen

Marmorensy`s Delabella Mon Courage

chacco-mini-mi.jpg belka-mini-mi.jpg
Red harlequin Odd-Eyed (SCL d 02 63) Brown classic torbie/white (SFL f 2203)


Information about reservation

Please fill in the fields to introduce yourself and let us know your wishes:
- First Name, Last Name
- City, Country

- Class of Kitten
- Color
- Lenght of hair
- Sex
• If we decide to sell and the contract is made, prepayment should be paid. The sum is individual but not more than 50% of the cat's full price;
• Prepayment is not paid back;
• If the class of the kitten will lower in the time the kitten develops, the price of the kitten will lower as well. Any other agreement can be made;
• Owner of this cattery has the right not to sell a reserved kitten if she decides so. In this case the prepayment is returned in full amount;
• The transport costs are paid by the buyer.