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„There are cats’ breeds you like and there are some you don’t like...There are breeds which make you smile... But Scottish fold always makes you deeply touched!... Scottish are cute not only in appearance-about their “childish, sweet expression” is written in the dry proved standards”

S. Ponomaryova expert of the international category WCF

mar-1.jpg] Professional pedigree nursery „MARMORENSY” is the leading nursery of the Scottish fold and Scottish cats in Latvia. The nursery is private and it was registered in WCF (Worldwide Cat Federation) in 2002. The nursery doesn’t have the commercial aim it is mostly a hobby and an endless love to the Scottish cats.

Our animals are always the adornment of the exhibitions, they always take part in the final competitions of „Best in Show” and „Best of Best”.

Most of our cats take active part at the exhibitions. We are bound together with their owners not only by common interests – adornment to Scottish cats and the exhibitions, we are bound together by friendship. We are a big and friendly family. I am the leader of this breed in the club “FELIMUR”.

I have got the first fold cat of blue colour, Bernadeta XmasStar Nesy (aka Bery) at the beginning of 2002. She became the best kitten of the exhibition at her first international exhibition in April 2002; in 2003 she got the title GRAND INTER CHAMPION.

Two daughters of the progenitor of the nursery are also registered at our nursery. This fold cat of tortie colour Arleta of Marmorensy, repeated the success of her mother, became the BEST KITTEN at the international exhibition in 2004 and the Scottish straight with the smoky turtle colour Arnella of Marmorensy, closed the title GRAND INTER CHAMPION in 2005, they both are included into the breeding program of the nursery.

In April 2003 the nursery has got one more Scottish fold cat of American line of breeding, black silver marbled tortie colour Kora Betsy(aka Nikoleta) , of line breeding: MARXALOT, DEEKAY, FURRSCAT, SCOTLIND, WITHO, DAISY. The cat has repeatedly got the first place at the biggest international exhibitions, but in 2004 became the first in the history of Baltics Scottish Champion of the World, TOP CAT III 2004.

Creating a pair for Kora Betsy to keep the silver colour and marble pattern a Scottish straight cat was imported from Moscow nursery SUNNY CITY with the blue silver marble colour Mahaon from Sunny City (aka Misha) . The lines of nurseries: JOLLYCAT, DEEKAY, FURRSCAT, RUEDISUELI. The cat has closed the title of European Champion. He is a great producer.

One more Scottish straight, got from the nursery KORA – Kora`s Ignatiy of Marmorensy (aka Gosha), colour of cameo with white (bi-colour) American lines of breeding. In his pedigree there are such famous cats, as Marxalot`S Cherry Pie Alamode (aka Allam), Marxalot Muffin Man of Golden State (aka Maffic), Furrscats Celtic Skye Of Deekay (aka Hops).

In October 2005 at the Worldwide exhibition of cats in Essen (Germany) Gosha became the WORLD CHAMPION. He is the qualitative pedigree producer.

Daughter of Gosha and Kora Betsy – Hinkiss of Marmorensy , is one more success of pedigree job of the nursery. Hinkiss, without false modesty, can be called the Best representative of the breed. She is highly appreciated by the experts and wins the prize places at the exhibitions. It is possible to get acquaint with her victories at the exhibitions on the page OUR REWARDS. EXHIBITIONS

In 2004 to keep the American line of bi-colour a Scottish fold, Aris Vizant, was bought from Estonian nursery VIZANT with the rare colour of black with white harlequin. Lines of nurseries: LUANA, JOLLYCAT, PASSPORT SCOTCH, HOLYFOLD, TIRNALAINE, MARXALOT, FURRSCAT, FOLDILOCK, WIMPL.

Aris – is the pride of our nursery. He has repeatedly won at the international exhibitions in Tallinn, Riga, Poland. In 2005 at the Worldwide Exhibition, in Essen (Germany) Aris has won the first place in WCF-RING; got the highest exhibition title of World Champion and finished his exhibition career by taking part in the exhibition in MASTER RING, took the I place “MASTER WCF I”. Master Ring is organized only once a year at the Worldwide exhibition among the animals who became BEST of BEST at the exhibitions WCF or who have the title World Champion. It is the most honored title in the world of feline, to become the winner, his name became much longer MASTER WCF, WORLD CHAMPION ARIS VIZANT, the title “MASTER” is conferred for term of life. top05.jpg Aris has also conferred the title TOP CAT I in 2005.

One more trend of pedigree work of the nursery is the highland folds breeding. At the eve of 2006 the nursery has got the cat highland straight from the leading Russian nursery JOLLICAT Jollycat`s Kleopatra McBustear of Marmorensy (aka Paty), colour brown spotted tortie/white. Paty is the bearer of white colour and different colour of eyes (one eye is blue, another – gold). Paty’ s father WCH Holyfold Bustearbrown of Jollycat and grandmother Tirnalaine' s White Lilly of Jollycat, are imported from the USA.

One more significant event had taken place on the 2nd of August in 2006, when kittens of Paty and Aris were born. And a new bright star appeared in our nursery ITO-HIME of Marmorensy (translated from Japanese Ito Princess).

mar-2.jpg This beautiful longhair fold girl, colour black tortie with white harlequin, looks like a Japanese statuette Maneki-Neko, who brings happiness and luck into the houses.

In spite of her quite young age, ITO-HIME is already the winner of the international exhibitions at the class of kittens and juniors in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia. Her rewards: Best of Breed I, Best Kitten I, Best General I, Best Junior I, "Top Kitten 2006 - I place". Ito-Hime is registered in WCF and in TICA and already has the title Champion TICA.
At the biggest exhibition of the Season „CONCORD” in Moscow on the 2-3rd of December 2006, where 1500 animals of different breeds took part, ITO had taken part in three systems MFA, WCF, CFF. At the ring WCF both days she was nominated on Best in Show, at the ring MFA –became Best of Best III, at the ring CFF Best of Breed I, Best of Best I and … the finalist of GRAN-PRI ROYAL CANIN. ITO-HIME of Marmorensy came into the TOP TEN of the best animals by the results of rating of “CONCORD” for 2006 (rating Winner 2006 IV-th place).

For the achievements in Scottish fold breed development in Latvia, the nursery “MARMORENSY” was recognized as the best nursery 2006.


“Every self respected breeder first of all is a creative person – in some way Wan Gog or Beethoven. He has to create not an ordinary dullness, but a beautiful creation, often getting satisfied only by the perfection of the created by his own mind and hands.”

S. P. Krasnoselskaya , expert of the international category WCF

mar-3.jpg The aim of our nursery is to get healthy progeny with the stable type, more fully corresponding to the standards. We are trying to get the animals without anomalies of structure, harmonious, with quite strong skeleton, medium size, with round head, with big, wide open eyes and sweet face expression.

Breeding of such a difficult breed as Scottish fold requires laborious work and competent, well-considered breeding program. We keep American breeding program, which means binding fold+ straight and moderate inbreeding.

Namely Scottish straight have gene modification of lop-eared. Loosing these genes, according to (as a result of) unwarranted interbreed copulation with British shorthaired, we can totally loose their highly appreciated little, tightly adjoined ears.

In breeding work with Scottish fold pedigree for all feline systems there is a common law-prohibition of copulation fold+ fold, the breeders faced the negative manifestation of mutation. The descendants of such copulations had abnormality of impellent-support system, incrassate joints, shortened bones, joined vertebras.

ABOUT COLOURS We have the experience in working with solid (blue, violet, chocolate, cream, red) and with the exclusive silver, marble and white colour.

Not long ago we could see the range of white bi-colour, harlequin, van -only on the sites of American breeders it is not a secret, that the most famous representatives of Scottish fold in the world are the animals of American breeding.

To improve the population in the nursery we have got the producers of American line of breeding, but they are presented, mostly by white colour range. These Kora`s Ignatiy of Marmorensy (cameo & white) and Aris Vizant (black & white harlequin) - these cats became the first bi-colour Scottish in Latvia. Jollycat`s Kleopatra McBustear of Marmorensy - became the first highland of bi-colour.

For every breed of the cats there can be distinguished colour, in which the pedigree can be presented the most effectively-for Scottish these colours are the colours with white.